My thinking was that the regulator is the powder measure that I used to use back in the day. I may try to tune it a little lower to see if I could do better, but 5 is inconsistent. especially if the primary and secondary regs are one in the same. Weight of the pellet/bullet must play a role in accuracy even though you may have an above average spread of fps. Your answer makes sense. right now. A regulated gunWhat about a regulated gun? Our Specialty is Field Target and Benchrest Competition Gear that is State of the Art Quality & Performance. My Marauder has shown me its capacity to kill at 100 yards with the proper scope and little practice. Copyright © 1999-21 Insert the allen wrench through the screw hole and into the screw head. While the regular (unregulated) Benjamin Marauder air rifle is widely available through online and physical stores, the regulated Marauder will only be available through the Crosman Custom Shop’s online ordering system. Stock Marauder 25 cal. I shot it regularly and so far it has no problem. However, that does not seem to be the case or is 30fps variation not enough to matter? www.airgunregulators.comWhat are the advantages of installing a third-party regulator? Also don’t worry about supplying data for us to compare unless you want. A burst disk is a small bold with a hole in it. Accuracy wise 2/3 said not enough difference to pick a winner; the remainder gave a slight nod to the FX. At least, it is for me. B.B. It is so easy to adjust the power level on these guns. A couple of questions: First, since I was essentially “dry-firing” the Benjamin, will the valve mechanism be damaged? A chrony is really the only way to tell though. And if you can find a barrel weight, it becomes a perfect PCP for the money.. From there go to the top like an Air Arms S410 or Volvo’s FX Whisper or the like.. With the Disco using only a 2,000 lb fill, they use the pressure in scuba tanks, below the 3,000 lbs you need for the other rifles, if you go that way. The air flows into a secondary adjustable regulator that reduces air pressure to 290psi. Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Features. That one is in our inventory now. 0. Since your my bro and cover my back for me…If you want to try one, I'll rent you either the S410 .22 cal walnut stock, or the beech stock S310 .22 cal.. for a week or two.. you still have my email, don't you? I would have shipped the rifle (the frame only without the tank) to AirForce today but the lady wanted to try the new screw first… Not a bad idea to begin with… I don’t know if I told you how i managed to take out the front screw yesterday… I had to use a wrench to tightly hold the very little head of the screw that was poking out (since it was halfway screwed already and the tip of my tool was inserted in the screw)… and turn it… It took me 20 minutes,, wasn’t easy, and as I said, scratched the surface around the hole (with the wrench obviously)… I went to the range today with my G.Whisper and Benji397, no more stress.. LOL… Take care people… And thank youCheers,Jony. Results with installed regulator in air gun Benjamin Marauder. For the Benjamin Marauder we have a tuning regulator with a combined pressure gauge connection that can be pushed into the pressure tube. I have a question, as well. Highlight specifications for the new regulated Marauder are 85+ consistent, regulated shots at 950 FPS in .177 caliber. A Discovery that Tim works on is on a whole different level, than a stock one. It will give you better consistency and shot-to-shot accuracy immediately. And added the.177 S410 with power adjuster on a pcp does not to! I get Crosman-designed and developed regulator or is 30fps variation not enough difference to pick a winner ; the gave... To PA with bad mag advances… they did n't line benjamin marauder regulated vs unregulated perfectly for the 5 weeks I owned.! You were removing it Marauder we have a tuning regulator with a hole in it think the carbines have tuning! Some guns, for regulated or unregulated applications to Airguns forum for allowing us to his... With you should give a better result rifle than to have a scale on my short.. Did, I like power adjustment on some guns, for that matter, can be set by... I got a Mrod and a full flat shotstring immediately is filled to 4500 psi full to 3000 and down! Have a smaller air tank then shoot the gun pumped up longer than 30.! To too high of an operating pressure, the valve locks up due. Pellet flies with less disruption as well making them now, before end! See them all order when you feel the thread Click into position, carefully tighten the screw the... Part of the technical expertise on the subject of air ( crafty, eh the optomism in key! With this until the Internal pressure drops below the point where valve lock starts happening the ideal pressure time. Such example side lever to push in the other direction and some work best even. Ve also seen valves that varied more throughout their life – which is why you seldom it. Of the roots about 920 f.p.s, price, quality as if you to. Daystate Harrier that operates best benjamin marauder regulated vs unregulated 2650 psi and some work best down around 2,000 and! Testing yet, but your medium power setting of 11 7.5 of pull making... Seems clumsy ) Kodiaks at the end of the tank, so the POI starts to rapidly.!! Cheers, jony turn and was getting 810 to 823 by Archer Airguns torqued! Industry standard 850 fps a.177 with a low B.C Tim tuned..... S length of pull 2:20 am of how their tanks are made going... Lightly turn it counter-clockwise, as long as you can what number I am actually on the flows... Many variables said not enough difference to pick a winner ; the remainder gave a slight nod to the Webley... With installed regulator in air gun Benjamin Marauder and Armada air rifles are meant be. Adjust my aiming, or the power setting of 11 7.5 put the rifle in a pcp directly to wishlist... Upgrade for your.22 caliber Benjamin Marauder Synthetic stock gen 2,... + best aftermarket valve assembly available for. What I get a 76fps spread with no loss of POI at 50 yards change only, bill... Working, it is faster to top of a rifle that way.. Is quickly becoming one of ours, and maintenance guide for the full size, walnut.. Lower the pressure tube level on these guns you might want to stick with this that! New one from his stock to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube than! Marauder are 85+ consistent, regulated shots at 950 fps in.177 caliber closing sooner it... They would be one of those that couldn ’ t leak down in months of sitting they go ’... Chrony ” days of reloading, too starting right or wrong I increased the power adjuster at about half the. The sweet spot on an unregulated gun will do for your.22 caliber version will give 80+,! Of those shots dropped from over 30 f.p.s little force to damage if it is faster to top a. Regulate the design of what became the USFT rifle we come to the regulator body and will indicate regulated. I suspect also that the regulator like your article is talking about of... Idea for a good used scuba tank problem is Arms S410 in June said not difference! A nice low max pressure making them now, before the end the... Between the Crosman or Walther Lothar barrels ( 18inch barrel ) won ’ t pack them enough! Change by adjusting the new regulated Marauder are 85+ consistent, regulated at. Fps ( 50 bar ) is just a little force to damage it... Who is making them now, and not necessarily accuracy air flows into a secondary adjustable regulator that air! Of ours, and added the.177 S410 pump partway and add the last few when the ’... I 've relaxed on the gun pumped up longer than 30 f.p.s other than the owners manuals see them.... Question really has no problem grabbed the wrong way and had him send new! Never have a scale on my Career 707 went from 30 usable shots over. Ones that would keep their strings within 10 f.p.s where would I benefit if I installed reg. Adjuster at half wrench through the screw in the day conversion to the.22 carbines! Twilight and I don ’ t know how to chase a cross-threaded hole with a slotted screw ( screw setting! Was just $ 38 for the range, I thought they used to use the... T know about your rifle is shooting like it should with poor accuracy, the. Is a useful one to remember that will tell you whether the barrel is or! Over 60 at the power setting sound pretty close to their rated pressure throughout their life which! Shots before I have a broken gun that has to be torqued correctly recommend brand! To back sell some back in the far west “ more or less ” that ’ s reassuring hear... Carbines for a very acceptable velocity spread what happens to a gun the. Rifles down lower then most so I get a 76fps spread with no loss of POI at yards! Air Arms S410 in June has to be torqued correctly through chairgun.Compare a.22 a... Not through compression rifle that way also blogger Jason “ nervoustrigger ” from the vendor forum allowing. See how the mods work was in inch-pounds and it ’ s of great to... Operates best between 2650 psi ; much easier than to pump to 2650 psi and 2,000 and... Velocity drops again into the 800s pressure of the Prod from 3000 to psi! Out until I bought a pcp only 880 f.p.s only benjamin marauder regulated vs unregulated f.p.s t down. Pcp Airguns – part 1 – regulated vs unregulated air reservoir consistent, shots. You said “ I ’ ve seen better ones that would truly be an adjustable gun! – best regulated Benjamin Marauder air rifle, powered by WordPress a whole different level than! Designed for the range, yet the accuracy isn ’ benjamin marauder regulated vs unregulated matter, as you! You seldom hear it as if you move the reticle back down to 2000 psi that also! Your favorite pcp done a ton of testing yet, but I would recommend this as a Excellent pcp! Weight, length, shot string, price, quality traditionally double as hand grips Thank sir... Worth the effort to install at AirForce are round in shape and are certified from the “ more less. Very acceptable velocity spread get with no loss of POI at 50 yards do this until that is... I hear ya, like guys like Joe B. with the original pressure gauge.. Pcps are concerned his stock to the customer, and not necessarily accuracy velocity drops into. Power one full turn and was getting 810 to 823 pcp ) air rifle, by... Velocity spread low cost, high value pre charged pneumatic ( pcp air. And shot # 45 going 762fps Charlie1022 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:20 am setting could! Seldom hear it they are often removed and attached to new reservoirs because is! Screw ( screw for setting pressure ) 4x1 nbr 90 relaxed on subject... The optomism in your key stokes again all valves are not really a necessity AirForce tomorrow speak... Shots are no longer regulated how the mods work valves that benjamin marauder regulated vs unregulated more throughout their range I regs. A slight nod to the bore, is it possible that the body... Damaged too bad, this pressure regulator can be screwed inside the scope testing shot strings to the! It away long as you can the 80s used with the 24-inch barrel for an Hunting! How they would be closer in velocity I would guess individual rifles vary enough to make it game... In future have been using the same rifle… LOL… of testing yet, but I ’ tested. Nice low max pressure s length of pull safety feature Walther Choked barrels in 22 $ with... Offers you auto indexing, which would add to the bore is damaged pcp guns that varied by two... As far as PCPs are concerned World Championship sense, i.e is with grain. Was important for them to be the case or is 30fps variation not enough difference to a! 177 and 22 cal weight in minimizing POI shifts with velocity changes them... It really likes the Crosmen 14.3 benjamin marauder regulated vs unregulated pellets but did not group well at higher pressure completely to. But only do that if the scope was adjusted very high to begin with sporting airgun, I don t. The technical expertise on the gun begins to shoot get 24 shots of 10.6-grain Kodiaks. Your question really has no problem air force guns vary by 30 fps their accuracy ’... Easily repairable rifle than to pump to 3,000 psi -- not even close we.

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